Here is it in a nutshell: We need our audience's support to finish editing the 2nd Season of Tibetan Stories, and to begin production on the 3rd Season, to be shot entirely by young Tibetan filmmakers we met and worked with on location. That's it! If you've been inspired by these films we need your help.

To date, the series has been brought to you free of charge by the support of The International Center for Mental Health & Human Rights, but quality independent filmmaking depends on the patronage of its audiences now more than ever and we have come up with some clever ways of helping you help us.

>> Contribute $25 or more and automatically receive a free download of the Tibetan Stories soundtrack.

>> For a limited time only, series director Russell Avery is gifting signed, limited edition prints from his entire catalogue to those who donate or raise $500 on behalf of Tibetan Stories . That means you can sign up as a fundraiser and crowdsource donations toward your $500 goal and gift rather than giving the full amount on your own. The photograph, however, is entirely yours! Just go to to see the entire collection.


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